will you wear THESE shoes?

Dior Desse Shoes copyright Getty images
Dior Desse Shoes copyright Getty images

I just saw this photo on fabsugar and I could not help but giggle. Apparently french star Marion Cotillard wore these and they were actually first seen on the Dior runway show (which one??). Anyway, I think they are very cool I just don’t think I have enough ‘cool factor’ to pull it off. Actually, since I moved back from DC, my mode of dressing has toned down quite a bit too. I’m not sure if its because I’m on my feet more or if its just the environment. *shrug* But my question is what happens when the heels suffer from wear and tear? I mean, I imagine the people who can afford Dior shoes probably don’t walk too much but you know, heels wear out. I mean, haven’t you noticed your 4inch heels turning into oh say 3 3/4inches after a while? Do those tiny feet on those heels suddenly disappear and you have legless ‘goddesses’ on your ‘goddess’ shoes? I’m just wondering….


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