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an off day

I’m having an off day today. I got nothing done. At all. I can probably chalk it down to travel fatigue. But that’s BS and I know it. I basically got up (apparently still on Vienna time) and I’ve been doing nothing but bum. I sat around in my jammies and watched tv on my teensy weensy little netbook. Didn’t know I was capable of that, did-ja? And then around 3ish, I took a power nap. Or so I thought. Because apparently even with all the door slamming, heavy footed walking that goes on in this apartment, I can still sleep. With the door wide open. And now I’m awake. My room remains a mess. Not that I care. Much. But I really should suck it up and start packing. Soon.  Because we need to move. Soon.

On another note, it seems that neither Mr. Shortneck nor I will be making any overseas trip for at least one year. Its making me plenty miserable at the moment. Did I ever mention that as inefficient as the international office in my college was, at least they always made allowances in their visa application for extra time, whereas the so-called efficient idiots here are so damm efficient that they really calculate the exact date that I will graduate and ended my visa from there? I’m really not sure if I’ll be able to survive the year without a mental breakdown.



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