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bye bye Wien


It is the first day of June. You know what this means, don’t you? Yep. My clinical rotation in Wien, which took place during the last 3 weeks of May is over. And yes, I’m back in the USA. sigh. Back to real life. boom. crash. Back to reality. But its not all bad news though. RussianPrincess got engaged over the weekend. I haven’t had the chance to hear the details…yet. But its not all roses for her. I know her dad hates her fiance. So I hope for her sake that she is prepared to deal with the fallout of this announcement…still, I’m going to focus on the positive. My RussianPrincess is getting married!! YAY!

can you believe this is a library?
can you believe this is a library?

My last couple of days in Wien were bittersweet for me, especially the last day since well, it was my last day. And he left for Munich. And that was that. I guess we’ll always have Vienna. ok. so bad joke. I did, however, make a very special effort to go to the National Bibliothek. I was a librarian in school from the age of 14 all the way through college. Libraries hold a very special place in my heart. I’m really really glad I went. For one thing, the library is gorgeous. You can’t say that the Imperial family did not love books, because they must have for them to have collected such gorgeous books and have housed them in such a beautiful library. There’s a certain calm that overcomes you when you enter it as you realise that you are entering an oasis of knowledge and history.

I also went to watch my third opera (Eugene Onegin). This time I was in line a good 3 hours before the opera started and managed to snag a good spot in the standing room area. I want to add that Madame Butterfly is still my favorite but its hard to tell if its because its the first one in the Staatsopera that I watched or if its because it simply was just the superior of the other two performances. But Eugene Onegin is a close second. Its also the only one of the three (the other being Werther) where the title character did not kill himself (but he did kill someone seeing as death is a must in every opera).

And I did go to the Lower Belvedere. I really liked it.

I took this using my phone camera!
I took this using my phone camera!

The Lower Belvedere is now designated as a temporary exhibit space and by sheer luck, they were showing Mucha’s works. I used to think that Henri de Lautrec was the founder of the graphic arts, but I think Mucha might have preceded him. I liked his work a lot and am going to be very sure to be on the lookout for his works in the future. The man designed posters, shops, jewelry…it seemed design was his thing!

I left Wien on a rainy early Saturday and landed in sunny London. Oh yeah. You read that right. It was sunny in London.  street artThe street performers and street artists in front of the National Art Gallery were in full force. Basically did a LOT of walking with the 2 aunts and baby cousin. After they fed me a very delicious chinese meal of course. Selfridges was celebrating their 100th anniversary and they had lots of cool yellow displays including specially yellow coke bottles. Yeah. You read me right. It was kinda creepy. We also went to Primark. I don’t know how to describe it other than it was a store that was filled to the brim with very very cheap things (I found a pair of really cute ankle sneakers for 3pounds) and very very long lines (and as a result I didn’t get anything). Ended the day with yet another chinese meal. yum yum yum.



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