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the inevitable

Well, the inevitable has happened. My European soiree is coming to an end. Worse. My camera has officially run out of battery. Oh, and did I mention that I’m an idiot and DID NOT bring my charger??  sigh. This is what happens when you pack your luggage after having had a couple of beers. Although I won’t be packing my luggage to return to the USA after a couple of beers, it is with a very heavy heart. I sure hope the airline doesn’t charge me for overweight (emotional) baggage!

I had a relatively long day today. Well, long for this rotation anyway. But I did finally leave because I had some concerns about my transport to the airport on Saturday (complicated by the fact that  I need to drop off my keys) and I also needed to drop off my certificate so off to the program office I went. After spending some time there, I went to Neugabasse to get some chocolates for my cousin so I don’t arrive in London empty handed. Unfortunately time was not on my side. I still had to make it to the program dinner by 6pm! And it was already 5.15pm! I was at least a half hour away! ARGH! Off to the U-bahn I went! I made it to Schonttering. But the tram was so ridiculously full I decided to walk. And then I saw the Votivkirche. This particular kirche has been mocking me everyday simply because I see it every single day on my way home from whatever adventures I had chosen to have had that particular day. So since I was walking and it was on the way, I walked through the heavy doors of the kirche.

I cannot believe it took me so darn long to visit this particular kirche. I cannot believe I went to the Stephensdom 3 times but have yet to visit the Votivkirche. For one thing, its gorgeous. Its huge. Oh, and did I mention its tourist-free??? Yeah. No crowds. It was nice to be able to stand there and just enjoy the church. It was also at this point that the empty flashing battery sign came on. Sigh.

So what this really means is that I gotta stop taking photos. I really really want to be able to take a picture of the National Bibliotech (ok, so I can’t really spell either) before I leave. Thankfully my little cousin has a digital camera so she’s going to be taking some pictures of us in London for me. It also means my eyes and my camera will have to be my personal camera. This is when I really wish I had the gift of words. There are so many wonderful things about this city that I am simply unable to describe. So I take photos which hardly do them justice anyway. But it will simply have to do.



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