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Spending the summers a couple of miles away…

Chinese cabinets from
Chinese cabinets from

The Hapsburg had a summer palace. According to what I read when I went to the Hofmobilendepot museum, they pretty much packed up everything aka furniture, cutlery, etc and moved for each season. Which was also why their furniture had to be repaired constantly and they had a department filled with artisans to repair the moving household. So when I found out that Schonbrum is the summer palace, I thought that it would be quite a hassle to go there and that I would have to get a S-bahn ticket or that it would at least be outside of Vienna. Well…its barely outside of Vienna. So basically they packed up the entire house (basically what I’ll be doing in June except most of my stuff will be given away because erm, I don’t have my own moving staff and postage is super-expensive these days) and moved maybe a half-mile radius away. Sheesh.


That said, its a beautiful palace with gorgeous view and amazing grounds. It also houses the world’s oldest zoo (I didn’t go). The greenhouse (Palmerhaus) is supposed to be amazing (again, did not pay to go in). The palace itself was impressive. Some of my favorite rooms include the blue room. And if anything, I really do think that this palace does a better job of showing the imperial family as a family, and not as well, one of the most powerful political powers of its time I suppose. I won’t recommend the cafe there though. Food kinda sucks. and it was expensive. double argh.

We (meaning boy and I) went to the Haus der Musik in the evening as well.

from the Haus der musik website
from the Haus der musik website

It was a cool museum. Different. A lot of interactive toys to play with. But after a while, it got to be a bit too much. Definitely a museum that you want to plan to spend hours in. In addition to the interactive displays (which were weird), they also showcased many of Vienna’s most influential composers (Strauss, Schubert, Haydn, etc) over the ages.

All in all, it was a good day.



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