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figuring out where i was…

Remember this church from my last post? I found myself in the Schottentor area (well, I find myself there every day since that’s where I catch the #43 to go back to my room) having some wine in one of the cafes there and decided to dig out my guidebook. Based on the description given in the guidebook, I’m 99% certain that this is Hansen’s Griechische Kirche. Granted, there are no pictures in the book to confirm it but honestly! What else could it be? I even saw the Griechenbeisl (well I saw a restaurant anyway) next to it.

My little discovery is making me think that perhaps I should buy a guidebook on Chicago and then proceed to explore Chicago in a way that I have yet to do. Granted, probably should have embarked on that little adventure a lot earlier, but hey! I have 2 more weeks to go before graduation! There’s still time!

Today was actually one of my longest day so far. After a really slow start (seriously a 15min tour of the TB screening facilities, followed by an hour eating sachartorte in the local bakery) before it kind of picked up when i went to the mother-child care offices. To be honest, I thought I would be done by 12pm and could go to the Albertine. But the attending started telling me about the mother-child care department, about her patients and then she had to go to clinic and with a sudden shock I realised she expected me to go with her! I was with her in clinic till about 3.30ish. And it wasn’t mind-numbing boring (thank goodness I’m going into peds!) even though as per the usual rules, I wasn’t allowed to touch the patient at all. I think what made it different was that she was actually interested in me and that I was learning something.

Anyway, I’m going to Westbanhoff area tomorrow night with the social worker. I can’t tell if we are going to visit the brothels or talk to the street commercial sex workers. Either way, it should be an eye-opening experience. A pity it wasn’t last week when I had nothing to do while this week, I had sort of wanted to spend more time with the PlasticSurgeon before “what happens in Vienna, STAYS in Vienna” takes into effect.

I tried to go watch Don Giovanni. But honestly, I was wearing the wrong shoes (think platform high heels) and going back to change and still making it in time to line up for decent standing tickets was not going to be possible. So instead, I walked through Naschmarket (its a lot bigger than I first realised) but didn’t end up buying anything. Instead, after I got off the U2 at Schottenring, I walked towards a cafe I had seen before and had myself some wine. I also discovered the Schottenkirsche (there are a lot of kirsches here in Vienna in both Baroque and Gothic style). I have yet to explore the Votivkirche but perhaps on Wednesday. I also took a picture of a window sill where there were 3 cheeky mannequins staring out at the pedestrains below. Reading the guidebook, I wonder if this is the infamous house at no.10, the Dreimaderlhaus where Schubert supposedly had a carnal interest in all 3 daughters living there. It would be kind of cool if it were, yea?



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