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Sunday wanderings or how I lost my red sweater

After yesterday’s adventure, I decided that a chill-out day is in order. I pretty much lazed around till like 11ish and decided to make my way to Hoher market since I haven’t really explored that area very much at all and it has the honor of being Vienna’s oldest square and the site of the Roman Ruins that were uncovered during the war. Oh yeah, did I mention that the Romische Ruinen is free on Sundays? Haha.

Anyway, one of the most entertaining things about Hoher Market is the Jugendstil Ankeruhr. The clock is so complicated that it requires a legend to decipher which hour it is! 12 o’clock by the way is Haydn hour while Empress Sisi is 11 o’clock (i think!). Sure makes the wood cukoo clock we had growing up pale in comparison. Speaking of cukoo clocks, there’s an actual store here in Vienna named Pinnochio selling..cukoo clocks. Lots of them. I’m really tempted to get one :0

The square is also where a fountain by Fischer von Erlach the Younger’s (my guide book  is sitting right in front of me…) depicting the marriage of Mary to Joseph and where Roman ruins that were dug out from beneath current day Vienna can be found.  After that I just started randomly wandering around. Its amazing what one can see if you look upwards. A lot of the buildings here used to be palaces and have amazing architecture.  I also randomly found this kirche (but I have no idea what kirche it is) that I’m guessing to be the Kirche am Horf (did I mention my horrid sense of direction yet??) but it was gorgeous inside.

I also just started randomly walking around because I had originally planned to stay out until it was time to queue up for the opera tickets. I went to both Peterskirche and Michaelskirche. Its just amazing how beautiful these churches are. I’ve visited both before and my second visit was just as special as the first. Along the way, I also found the Demel konditerei. I don’t really remember the history of it but its a very fun place with lots of really good goodies. I’m thinking it might be a place I will try to get some food from AFTER I reserve my spot at tonight’s opera.

Speaking of opera, I still don’t know if I should get gallery or balcony tickets. The opera I’ll be watching is Werther and since its a love story, I’m guessing that perhaps having a good view of the stage might be a good idea.



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