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Mr. Rubberneck

The boys left for Bratislava really early today and as a result I didn’t go with them since the boy did not knock on my door. I found out only after I called him through skype. But it was ok. I was determined to go somewhere so I took a tram to Sudbanhoff, bought myself a round trip ticket and ran to board the train. While looking for a seat, I saw a girl sitting by herself. Remembering the conversation I had with the World Travellor extraordinaire, I decided to sit next to her. As the train started to pull out of the station, I took a deep breath and started a conversation. Turns out she was on a on-the-whim trip to Bratislava too. We decided to walk around the little city together. I’m so glad I found a German-English speaker because I really don’t know how I would have found my way around the town otherwise. It was a really nice relaxing day with random walks down random paths and finding random statues that were actually listed on the tourist maps. Bratislava sure has a lot of monuments. They even have a pink castle called Primate castle! Unfortunately for us, we missed an early train back to Wein and when she went to take a smoke on the platform before the second train left, she got ticketed for smoking! I only had 10 euros left (while she had none) so thankfully the officer let her off despite her paying only half the fine! quite a fun day really. i was just a little disappointed that I didn’t get an entry stamp in my passport since Slovakia is now part of the EU and people can travel rather freely without going through customs.



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