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Freud and the Hapsburg

I finally found the Freud museum. There really wasn’t much on Freud since there were no audio guides available and just about everything was in Deutsh and I speak kiltch of Deutsh. Still, I managed to get in on a student pass so I guess I won’t complain too much. About half the museum is devoted to him, while the other half is occupied by works of art inspired by him (or maybe an interpretation of his writings…I don’t really know for sure). Some of the stuff was weird but you had the usual certificates of honor on the walls and tons of photographs and copies of his letters (again, can’t understand them…although I can’t be sure if its because of his handwriting or because its in Deutsh or some other language). Saw the waiting room (restored apparently to its original state) as well as the entrance to his office/home.

I also made a visit to the Hofsburg Palace, where there was also a small exhibition about the Empress Elizabeth, popularly known as Empress Sisi. I somehow feel like maybe I might have missed something or perhaps they are moving stuff around because I didn’t seem to see any of the stuff that my guidebook says there are. At any rate, I got the Sisi card so I think I’m going to go to the Schronbrum palace as well as the furniture museum another day.



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