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the Sound of Music

Took a train ride to Salzburg on Sunday. Its a rather small city compared to Vienna, but just as rich in history (and not just because the Sound of music was filmed there!)The gardens of the ArchiBishop’s mistress was gorgeous. Other than the fact that he was a man of the cloth, he really was the perfect mate. He was faithful. And he built her the finest home for her and their children to live in.  But it had been a rather long train ride and we were tired so we stopped by the Sacher Hotel (Salzburg) for some Original Sachartorte. After that, we made the long hike up a little hill to get a good view of the alps with a pit stop by the monastry for some good bier. Its a good thing the weather finally decided to cooperate and it was wonderful being able to finally walk around and get some Vitamin D.  Also stopped by the toy museum (I can’t remember the name for toy in german anymore except for the first bit which is spiegul) where Mr. Shortneck had a grandtime oohh-ing and ahh-ing over the toy trains and poo-poohing at the Barbie Doll collection.

In addition, we also stopped by the place where Mozart (yes! Twinkle twinkle little star!) was born. Turns out his sister was just as accomplished but because she was a woman, she couldn’t take her career to the heights that he did. Because of the visit to his birthing place, I decided to go to the famous Zentralfriedhof cemetary. The largest cemetary in Vienna still in use today. And by huge, they really meant gigantic. They had separate burial sections for Jews and Protestants. Some of the graves were enchantingly beautiful. The tram had 6 different tram stops for it (all outside the walls but it has so many walls, the different tram stops were needed). CIMG2459



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