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museums, crypts, the Opera and the River…oh my!

Its been a busy couple of days for me. My friends are visiting me in Vienna and so between going to clinic, and hanging out with them (and sharing this 1 key between the 3 of us!), and behaving myself, I’ve been a rather busy bee indeed! I’ve also realised quite a number of things this past couple of days. First of all, my visit to the Kunsthistoriches museum taught me that artists are all really good plagarizers and paraphrasers. For one thing, did people notice that Reuben tended to re-paint Titan’s paintings, like a lot? Sure, he used different models, but he used the same poses and ideas! A great example, of course, is the famed Women in fur. I mean, can you really tell which one is Reuben’s and which one is Titan’s?? and of course, there are always people who are actively making copies in the museum itself!

In addition to the museum, I also visited the Kaisergruft and Kapuzinerkirche. The Kaisergruft is where the Habsburgs were buried. The tomb of the very much beloved Empress Sisi was amazingly huge and elaborate. Sometimes I wonder if they were trying to rival the tombs of the Egyptians!

Of course, it isn’t always all play, and no work. The program that I’m participating in right now arranged for a tour with the Josephenium museum. The Josephenium was the original medical school and now houses the world’s largest collection of wax anatomical models. These models were created and crafted in Florence and then transported by mules over the Alps to Vienna! Its amazing if you think about it. Vienna used to be the center for medicine and science!

Venus with pearls


And today, despite the dreary grey weather, we took a cruise up the Danube river. The view of the Wachau valley was amazing (and according to my guidebook…a UNESCO world heritage site). I actually thought that the gray depressing weather added a little bit of romanticism to the scenery. However, it also meant that once we got to Krems we didn’t really walk around much. We went to a little wine-tasting place and then rushed to the train station since they had tickets to the symphony tonight. However, I have to admit, I didn’t realise there are so many old castles and fortresses in Austria. We also stopped by the Karikature museum.  Its too bad I can’t read or understand German. Some of the cartoons were easy to understand, but some required quite a bit of head-scratching that still lead to nowhere!

And tomorrow, we are off to Salzburg! The little city where the Sound of Music was filmed! How exciting! Maybe one day, I’ll go to Vermont where the grandchildren of Maria are now running a restaurant and here them sing too!



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