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wanderings from a house

playdoh apartments

So I had planned to visit the famed Hunderwatterhaus today. But when I woke up, it was downcast and ever so cold. Well, not chicago cold, but not wear-short-sleeves-without-a-sweater kind of cold.  Anyway, after I was dismissed, I found myself in Rochugusse which is where Rochusmarkt is located. I got myself a piece of meat pattie (at least I think its a meat pattie) and proceeded to walk. I was trying to see if I would be able to find the Wittgenstein-Haus (now the Bulgarian embassy in Austria) but after a couple of twists and turns found myself by a souveiner store in front of the Hunderwatterhaus instead. Oh well. Took a couple of pictures. I swear, this man probably woke up one day and started playing with his daughter’s playdoh and then thought, hey! this could be the design for a pretty cool apartment! haha. I even went into the Toilet of Modern Art. Waste of a good 60 Euro-pence if you ask me. But I guess if you have to go real bad…*guffaw*

Toilet art?
Toilet art?

And because it was still early, and because I could, I took a train to Karlsplatz where the famed Seccession building is located. According to my guidebook, I can’t leave Vienna without going there. I don’t think the exhibition was worth the 4Euros (student price) especially since the exterior was a lot cooler. oh well. To each his own I suppose.


Oh yeah. I also went to the Karlskirche, I mean, it was RIGHT outside the Karlsplatz station. Its a church built in the baroque style. And OMG. It is gorgeous. Unlike the Stephansdom which is very gothic in design, this was a church that was filed with so much light. It took my breath away. OOHH! And they are restoring the fresco, there was access to the dome of the church. I am not afraid to admit, I had always wondered if the fresco painters ever really painted that last bit on top or they just told people that it was done. I mean, you can’t really see it from the pew no matter how hard you try anyway. Well, they really do paint it. See the paintings this close up, it was like all of a sudden, they were real. They were no longer pictures you see in brochures or textbooks. This was real, kind of like someone had stolen them and finally it found its way to a museum for all to enjoy. And by the way, its way up high. Like really really way up high. It took me 3 tries to climb up there. Not because it was a steep climb or anything but the thing was kind of wobbly, and it was supposed to have only 10 people but there was no form of crowd control anywhere, and well, I was having a serious moment of batophobia. the heart palpitations were going out of control! But I made it!

The Ascension!
The Ascension!

And I saw the ascension! And I also saw the window ledges and almost had to laugh because people had thrown money in there like the way they do in water fountains. The ledge was just ever so slightly out of reach! I saw a 20 Euro note in there. And after my little trip to the Secession building, I had a Vienna Melange in the Cafe Museum (also listed as one of the top 10 cafes in my guidebook) and right at that moment, I would have killed to have been given that 20Euros. heh.

At any rate, I’m back home now. I’m feeling awfully tired. I think there’s some kind of biomedical research talk tomorrow. I might try to make it but the ResearchCouple are arriving tomorrow and I don’t want them to be left stranded outside especially if its going to be raining! So maybe I might do more tourist stuff tomorrow. Or go sleep. Whatever. haha.



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