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So its my first real day in Vienna. I finally met my suitemate. She’s a doc from Afghan. She’s going to be here a whole month. She sounds really nice.

Genuss Festival

I decided that I was going to the Genuss festival today. So even though I woke up at a super late hour of around noon-ish, I figured I would still be able to make it. I mean, how hard can it really be? It wasn’t too bad. Anyway, I walked around the park, took my picture with a statue of Strauss (it was all gold). I was kind of tempted to kiss the man’s golden feet but since someone else was taking the picture for me and she looked like she really wanted to go, I did a quick tourist-y picture and free-d her from her obligation. I did find a girl wearing a really cool dress. And I asked her if I could take a picture (I felt very ProjectBeltway-ish) but I didn’t stop to ask her for her name or the story of her dress. My German is still limited to the girl, the boy, hello, bye and thank you. sigh. Anyway, it was all good fun. I walked a lot. But I also ate a lot. I think I bought something new to eat everytime I was done with whatever it was I was eating while walking. It was like, whichever store I came to at the end of one item was the next place I bought my next food item! Won’t be surprised if I went back and gained all the weight I lost over the past 2 years! argh.

cool dress in Stadtpark



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