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First night in Vienna

Well, i’m finally here! for my first real study abroad experience…and in case you are rolling your eyes because you know I’m a Singaporean who’s been studying in the US for the past 10 years, let me assure you that an experience for a quarter or semester (or in my case 3 weeks) is very different from knowing you are some place for at least 4 years! And its also different when you pick a place who’s national language is different from yours! Sometimes I wonder if the students from the ROC were the smart ones. After all, they left home for a country that speaks a completely different language. Its a different culture, a different language. Surely that makes the experience sharper. So far, I’ve gotten away with shrugs and gestures. Other than danke, and guten tag and auf widersein, i know nothing else. I’ve learnt that the trick is to find someone young-ish and doesn’t have an ipod stuck to their ears to ask for directions. And would you believe it? The place where the university is putting me up appears to be rather close to an ethnically asian area. I think. So far I’ve seen more asians and middle-eastern-ers here than I have in Hyde Park or Chicago!!!

damm my allergies. off to the meat festival market tomorrow! if i can find it…haha.



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