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zip car shoutout and computer glitches

so erm, remember last thanksgiving when my wallet was stolen/lost? And my zip car card was in it and I didn’t realise it until I got slapped with a $300 bill and I had to email and beg zipcar to take that charge off since well, I didn’t make any phone reservations? Well, they took it off. Thank goodness! But what they didn’t tell me until I went to collect my new card (like 6 months later because I was simply too lazy to actually go get the new card) was that the car (a BMW) was stolen. *gasp* I’m sooo glad that I didn’t have to pay for that car because well, quite frankly, I can’t even afford a Geely CK much less a BMW. Anyway, I feel really really bad but I’m really thankful to Zipcar for being so nice! so yay! Too bad you won’t be in St. Louis 😦

Finally bought myself a netbook. Figured with this trip to Vienna, I didn’t really want to have to deal with lugging a 6lb laptop when I can get away with a 2.5lb netbook. Obviously I didn’t read the specs because this computer did not come with a CD drive. Sigh. So yesterday I paid about $150 for endnote, opened up the box, only to realise I can’t install this much needed program to write the paper that I’ve been putting off for like the past oh, 6 months? so if some kind soul out there has a USB CD drive you can loan me, it would be very much appreciated.

Otherwise, still trying to find a decent hotel to stay for one night in London. Problem is that I’ll be meeting the relatives. So even though I’ll be out the whole day and really just need a place to sleep and take a clean shower for one night, I can’t exactly choose a super cheap place to stay because well, my aunts will report back to my mom and I’ll never hear the end of it. Anyone has any suggestions for a cheap (but fairly decent and safe) place to stay in the Hyde Park or Notting Hill area?



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