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visit to the ER

Made a visit to the ER last night with my roommate. The poor child has been ill for sometime. My personal opinion is that she caught a viral infection and before she fully recovered from it, caught something else again. Anyway, she got really sick again two nights ago (my guess is she caught a new viral infection since all of her smptoms were flu-like symptoms) but she totally freaked out and was worried about meningitis. Despite my half-hearted assurances (I was getting really sleepy and lethargic) she was still acting rather freaked out. So I said, we can go to the ER if you want to and she took me up on it. So off to the ER we went. Thankfully the ER wasn’t crowded but we were on bypass (due to the ORs being renovated…something which I didn’t know till later) and so it was a 4 hour wait (not too bad considering it IS a fri night and there were 2 GSWs).  Anyway, the ER doc saw my badge and was like “any real good reason why you wore your badge?” I only smiled and grinned. heh. And I’m thinking he’s thinking I must be a real hypochondriac or stupid medical student if I was going to drag my roommate to the ER. But he was nice and took real good care of her and told her that a) its not meningitis (several times) and b) its not mono (which I sort of was thinking about except the girl played badminton the same day).

But what that visit taught me was the power of the MD. Its rather amazing how assuring the words of an MD can be.She immediately felt better, we went home and she slept for about 10hrs. She didn’t believe me when I told her it isn’t meningitis, but just one word from the doc…and it was all ok.

I’m getting really scared about next year.


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