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a dilemma

I recently discovered the blog of a high school classmate. I hesitate to use the word ‘friend’ because, well, I don’t think I was ever very close to many of my HS classmates and although I will probably show up for a class gathering or reunion, I don’t know if I will count him as a friend. I guess based on society’s loose definitions of friends these days, he is a friend. An old acquaintance at the very least.

Anyway, back to my dilemma: he expressed some very distressing views on his blog. Views which I disagree with. Views which I find exceedingly conservative and close minded. But here’s the question…if I de-friend him, am I being as close-minded as he is by not accepting his close-mindedness? Or should I accept that he is who he is…and politely agree to disagree with him? If I tell him the full extent of my past…I wonder if perhaps he will be the first to make the move of de-friending me instead?



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