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So Valentine’s day has come and gone. And I survived it intact. sort of. And I got to thinking about relationships and in particular marriage. I know of couples who met in high school and eventually got married. I know of couples who got married before medical school and their marriages were over before they even finished medical school. I also know of couples who got married while still in medical school (or graduate school). And so far, its working out. I know of couples who met in medical school (or grad school) and are getting married in the next couple of months before the start of the ‘next big adventure’. Basically, I’m at an age where everyone around me is getting married. So I guess what I want to know is … how do you know you met the right one? Especially for people who met while still in high school? I sometimes wonder (and this is very cynical of me) if people stay together because they have been together for so long it doesn’t make sense to try to imagine a life without each other. And people who get married after a very short courtship, are they getting married because they are so damm sick of looking and just want to settle down because its time and they are done looking and realise that there will never be a perfect one but there is a right one?  because i’m very tired. i’m tired of going from one relationship to another. i even tried the not being in a relationship bit to see if maybe i’m just happier being alone (i’m not). and no. i’m not putting the feminist movement back by a couple of steps because isn’t the whole point of the feminist movement to have a choice? well, dammit. i want to have someone there to support me and i want to be there to support that someone. someone that shares my values, and who is willing to support me through the good times and bad. sigh. for the past couple of years, i haven’t really invested much in my relationships, and unfortunately, that kind of guardedness spread to my friendships as well. but the one time i really gave a relationship a chance, it pretty much blew up in my face. and now, i’m back to square one. sometimes i really wonder if my karma with chicago just totally sucks 😦



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    1. the problem is that singapore guys have preconceived notions of singaporean girls who studied in the US and its not always good!


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