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time to break the habit?

The undergraduate behavioral modification class I took, later to be reinforced in various psych classes/rotation says that for someone to modify their behavior, there are various stages. There’s the pre-contemplative, contemplative, post-contemplative (I think), action plan, and then action. So erm, I think I’m ready to quit coffee. Or at the very least reduce my intake of soy peppermint mochas.Definitely in the contemplative stage. Most likely moving on to action plan. So I’ve worked it out. My main problem is that I keep using the route that makes has me walking past Starbucks (identifying triggers!) in the morning. The easiest thing obviously is to avoid using that route and identify a second route. But quitting cold turkey sounds really painful to me. So I’m going to allow myself (in the first week) 4 cups of soy peppermint mocha. And maybe the second week too. And then cut it down to 3…and so forth. I wonder how long I will last….



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