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facebook relationship

so he did it. He’s listed as being in a relationship with his gf. The entire time we were dating, we were never publicly listed as being in a relationship. But with this girl, he has openly declared he’s taken. Should I get upset? Probably not since we’ve been broken up a year. But for some reason, I felt like someone had just kicked me in the gut. Hard. but how do I know he’s listed as being in a relationship? Simple. He’s my friend on facebook. Sometimes I wonder if its time for me to de-friend him. It will be oh-so-simple. And he won’t even know because I bet he doesn’t even check my profile anymore anyway. He’s got so many friends on his list.



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2 thoughts on “facebook relationship

  1. De-friend. DE-FRIEND! If he calls you out on it, just be all, Oh, must have been a Facebook glitch. And then you friend each other to make it less awkward. And then two months later, you de-friend him again.

    I de-friended so many people a few weeks ago, and it was glorious.


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