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MLK and Poe

Hello Edgar
Hello Edgar

What do they have in common? Well, today is MLK day. A day that the current President-elect and by 12noon EST the 44th President of the United States hopes will become a national day of service. Today is also Poe’s 200th birthday. And tradition never dies.  The mysterious Poe toaster left his usual cognac and roses.

As for me, I’ve had my weekend. I’ve rested. I’ve shopped (the sale at Zara is kinda ridiculous. Jeans for $9.99–guess who bought herself a pair of black jeans and purple pants??) and I’ve misbehaved. Even got someone to pay for dinner last night 😉 ah. But today, today I have to behave. I have to get some writing done. Show that I’ve tried to get some work done while I was gone. *grimace*



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