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old habits, new resolutions

Around Christmas time, as I was bumming around on the coach in my very empty (and cold) apartment, I thought about how messy my room is and how much of an effort it will take. Then I had the brilliant idea that maybe, as a christmas gift to myself, I will get one of those wardrobe consultants to help me pare down my wardrobe. Hah. What a joke right? Me? The self-confessed hoarder of all things with the bulging wardrobe, hire someone to help me pare my wardrobe. bleah. Seriously, it is a nice thought. But until I am ready to really bite the bullet and be good about not accumulating things, it will be a waste of money because as soon as she leaves my apartment, I will probably be back online looking to replace all the items she made me give up! No. It has to begin with ME. I need to pare my wardrobe down MYSELF. I need to organize my room. MYSELF. I looked at myself in the mirror again today.  Apparently a week of not working out and pigging myself silly has made me put on quite a bit of the weight I had lost over the past year. Its not surprising. Losing is hard. Gaining is easy 😦 I want to say I’m going to make a new year’s resolution for 2009. But I know better. It will not stick. But that means I can only keep trying to improve myself. To keep improving as I find things about myself that needs to be improved.



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One thought on “old habits, new resolutions

  1. You must check out! For as little as 25 dollars you can hire a stylist to look through your online closet to create new outfits for you. You can mix and match from what you already have to create new outfits as well as try on potential purchases with what you already have. Your clothes are organized for you similarly to Cher’s virtual closet in Clueless – who didn’t want that closet organizer!?

    See you on the site!


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