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the first snowfall of the season

Yes, I realise that the first snowfall of the season already started in the Dakota like last week. Make that blizzard. But the first snowfall in Chicago, IL started today. The first snowflakes started to fall. Unlike the snowfall in North and South Dakota where it was a blinding blizzard, this was light, ‘hi! look at how pretty I am’ kind of snowfall, snow that will not stick. I spent a whole hour outside (despite the cold) trying to catch snowflakes on my coat and trying to see the shapes of each snowflake, Enid Blyton style. Of course, as I already learnt 9 years ago as a freshman in college, it simply doesn’t work with snow that doesn’t stick. And its rare to be free and outside right when the snow that will stick starts to fall lightly before it gets so heavy that the snow pretty much falls in clumps anyway.

Regardless, its beautiful. And fun to try to catch the snow with your tongue. I am reminded once again of how beautiful winter can be. But I also know that after the first round of snow, and the weather starts to warm up again, it will be all slushy and muddy. Kind of like romantic relationships.

sigh. I really am getting old, aren’t I?



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