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back to square one?

Wow. its been a while, yes? what can I say? i had nothing to say. actually, I still have nothing to say. I wish I can say that I’ve been so busy with work, and busy with trying to know my boyfriend. But zilch. Family medicine was busy, but it wasn’t that busy. The commute was a killer though. I’m sooo glad I decided to stay in HP where I’m close to sch even though I’m not close to the city itself. I’m not sure getting up at 5.30am just to make it to work by 8am is worth it. As for getting to know the bf, let’s just say, I’m not even sure we’ll make it past this week. While it was cute, and kinda romantic to keep it all under wraps the first month, the reluctance on his part to even hold my hand in public is driving this ultra-high-maintainance girl way past the orbit of her comfort zone. I feel like some secret that he’s ashamed of, and when I brought it up, he got pissed and refused to answer my calls. Which is fine. But I’m also done playing games. I’m at the age where I’m sick of games. Either you like me or you don’t. Either you want to know me or you don’t. But saying you want to know me is different from trying to know me. Either way, I’m kinda done. And I guess if I’ve reached that point, perhaps there’s no use trying to salvage it? Except I think it is lame to break up with someone over the phone, or worse, text messaging it. But if he’s not answering my calls, well…at any rate, I’m going to wait till the end of this week. I need a conversation with the boy. But if he’s not going to give me one, then well, I’m done. I’m really done.

On another note, I’ve developed a mini obsession with Cary Grant. Now I’m thinking about signing up for a netflix account and watching all of his movies 🙂



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