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jin jo mo

hmph. I think the last time I idolized an actor, it was Toby Stephens. But Toby was a wow, what a great actor, i love his work kind of idolization. The kind of idolization where I was merely just going, sqqueee he is sooooo cute was Leon Lai. Dang. that was a really long time ago. I’m ashamed to admit I even spent my allowance money (that I had saved from not eating for a WHOLE month) on Leon Lai business cards (don’t ask).

So imagine my surprise when after watching the korean drama serial Queen of the game, I can’t get the lead actor jin jo mo out of my mind. I mean, he is HOT! cute. in that hi, i’m kinda shy kind of cute. *swoon* I wonder if I can put my stupidity down on the fact that I’m just really jet lagged but have to stay awake because I need to go to work in an hour and a half?



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