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korean fashion

ok. I confess. Instead of being a good girl and trying to get some work done in the week that I’ve been home, I’ve been watching korean drama serials as if it was a religion! Its quite bad. I finished watching 20episodes in two days, with each episode lasting about an hour each! I swear, my brain has been fried by these tear-jerking stories of love found, love lost, and love found again, in all their various forms from mother-son, father-son, daughter-father, boy-girl (korean shows are a little conservative…). But you know what else makes it even more fun? their sense of fashion (other than the eye candy …the guys are always so ridiculously hot! its so unfair! How come I never get a chance to date them?)  ! I swear, some of these DVDs are of shows that were  screened at least 2 years ago (you can tell from the types of handphone the actors use as well as whether or not the ear piece is a bluetooth piece) but their fashion is so in right now. I sometimes think that if I wasn’t  foolish enough to embark on a career that would keep me in school for ever and ever and had the funds to set up shop, I would either be an event planner (something I proved I could do when I organized the school formal thank you very much…and did I mention I’m never going to get married since organizing a formal for a school with about 400 students is about as painful as having a wedding, minus the wedding dress drama…only to be replaced with argh! what am I going to wear drama) OR I’ll be a fashion exporter (because we know I can’t draw or design for nuts but baby! can i shop!)

anyway, i’m heading back tomorrow. one more series to watch. and then its pack pack pack! I sure hope I didn’t buy too many dresses this time round (ok, so its wishful thinking but there are soooo many cute dresses! and all influenced by korean fashion!!)



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