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home. finally.

after 29 hours of dragging my huge oversized baggage onto the bus, across the bridge, onto a plane, off the plane, onto another plane and off the plane again, i’m back home. in singapore. finally.

I guess, another way of looking at it is that I took the bus, took a plane ride to SF, ate some overpriced duck rice, went through security (again!), landed in Seoul where I kept my wallet carefully out of reach to avoid buying any more duty free items, got on board the plane again and finally landed back home. in Singapore.

And after 12 hours of non-stop eating, I’m tired. Jet lagged. And my biological clock is all screwed up. I think my circadian sensor realises its early evening. too early for bed. but my brain is tired from not sleeping well (or not at all) for the past 30ish hours. I swear, if its not for the food, i’ll be passed out, on the bed, floor, chair, whatever. I just want to sleep. but in another hour or so, it will be time for my fifth meal of the day. can’t wait. 

i’m so glad i’m home. people go to spas for a body detox. i go for a soul detox.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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