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i don’t think so

A couple of days ago, I made a short visit to the local consignment/thrift store in HP.  I asked the lady if they accepted clothes. She said that they were only accepting donations as their inventory was full.  Okay. Got it. Store looked pretty cramped. So I asked what they did with the excess clothes. They donate it to Salvation Army. Okay. So far so good. Well, what about the donated clothes that they sell? Well, it goes to the store.  Whoa. Wait a minute. I’m donating clothes for charity. Doesn’t this mean that the proceeds from those clothes should go to a charity?  Doesn’t make sense. I mean, if it makes sense to someone. Please explain because I’m essentially donating clothes to help make a business make money?



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One thought on “i don’t think so

  1. Thrift store may or may not be a charity, innit? could just be a business whose industry happens to be less “aspirational”, as the marketing folks so eloquently put it.

    Regardless of where the profits go though, by shopping there you’re still reducing America’s dependence on foreign sweatshop labor, burgeoning national debt, and the thousands of gallons of water that go into each item of new clothing. win/win/win.

    To answer your question, when the zipcard is missing, you can pay for the gas and then fax zipcar the receipt and you’ll be reimbursed. You should also call to report it – I’ve subconciously pocketed the card more times than I care to admit.


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