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a confession

Now that my roommates are all gone for the rest of the summer (aka 3 more weeks), I have the entire apartment to myself.  Which makes for an interesting experiment namely because I don’t think I have ever lived by myself for such an extended period of time. Granted, I don’t spend much time with the kids to begin with, its still nice to know that they are there in the apartment at least some of the time, making a ruckus.

Having roommates also means that certain social etiquettes should be kept. Things such as doing the dishes so that your roommates don’t have to wake up in the morning with nothing to eat their breakfasts from.  Having either a bathrobe or at the very least a towel when you go take a shower is essential as well.  Well, unless if you are living in a nudist colony or an apartment where nudity is encouraged.  Anyway, I’ve entertained the idea of walking around, in my birthday suit, for quite sometime now. Perhaps its the exhibitionist in me. But seriously, what harm could it do other than me catching my death with a cold? Its such a pain having to wake up and deciding what to wear when I’m still half asleep. If I don’t have to pick out my clothes before heading to the bathroom, I can walk out to my bedroom, refreshed and awake, and pick out something to wear!

Of course, I haven’t tried this out yet. I quite simply don’t have the nerves to do it. Partially because I’m afraid it might become a habit and my roommates might wake up one night to a rather unpleasant sight! haha. Another reason is well, I think society has placed such a huge emphasis on getting dressed at all times that much as I hate to admit it, I am rather uncomfortable in my own skin, and nothing else. Maybe I should subscribe to cable or find someway of watching the new Carson show where he teaches women to love being in the nude.

Or maybe I just need to move to a nudist colony to try out this ‘fantasy’.



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