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new obsession

I’ve developed a rather new and unhealthy obsession with Anthropologie.  I love love their catalog. Sometimes I think it doesn’t really matter that half, if not 90% of their inventory does not fit me or that their prices may sometimes be a little too much because their catalogs are so beautifully constructed that I’m sure they must spend obscene amounts of money for their 15 page spreads.  There is always something so hauntingly beautiful about their catalog that I almost bid on some catalogs on ebay!  I KNOW!  But its ok. I still have their summer catalog that they had sent, along with the ‘Enlightened lace’ catalog. I’m just going to keep them. They are soooo pretty. I wonder if I can find something within the depths of my already overflowing wardrobe to imitate the looks without actually having to buy something new?



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