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its not me! amongst other updates

Phew. For the past month, I’ve been harboring the secret fear that my internal thermoregulatory mechanism via my HPA axis had to be severely broken, or at the very least malfunctioning. Or that I had a broken thyroid. What was the reason for my worry? Well, for the past month, I’ve been without an air-conditioner. Why? Simply because I don’t need one. In fact, I had to go find a blanket because it was too cold. And dig out my sweaters. And its August. I walked back from Borders on 53rd street today in my brown sleeveless dress and had to stop halfway on the sidewalk trying to deftly balance my coffee and my book bag, which contained all the fashion magazines with glossy pictures of items that I covet but will never be able to afford (by the way, PURPLE and RUFFLES are in for the Fall!) ,while putting on my sweater as it was simply too cold not to do so.

Well, my roommate informs me that I’m not the only one. It simply hasn’t been a very warm summer here in Chi-town. Of course, those words now immortalized will probably come back and bite me in the buttocks as we hit the end of the summer and enter Fall come Labor day and I’ll be cursing the heat and wondering if I will fork out whatever monies (or lack thereof) for an air-conditioner.  People have global warming to contend with, while we here in the mid west have global cooling. The world is screwed up!

At any rate, the rotation in the PICU is nearing an end. I’m actually kind of sad that its ending. I’ve only just started to feel comfortable wandering around the PICU. *shrug*

The boy can cook. yay! And he saves lives. What a nice combination. Now if only I can get him to make me some nasi lamak.



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