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On my last call, a boy was transferred over from an outside hospital ER to our PICU for further management. He had exhibited altered mental status and they had put an EVD into his head to measure his intracranial pressure (ICP). Which meant that he came in with a tube sticking out of his head. Unfortunately, while it did relieve his pressure somewhat, he was still in a bit of altered mental status. We reviewed the CT scan that he got at that hospital and decided that it warranted a MRI.  However, to do that, we had to sedate him.  He also had to have leads placed (which is common if you are going to be admitted to the PICU because there has to be some way to track your vitals).  Unfortunately for the poor boy, I placed one of his leads on the one single strand of hair he had on his chest.  I looked this morning.  The nurse had replaced the leads I placed when they moved him into a different room and the hair is gone.  So now he’s a 7yo boy with a tube sticking out of his head with a hair-less chest.  At least now he recognizes his parents.



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