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last day anxieties

*sniff* seems like I’m going through the ‘last day syndrome’. Today is my last day at work. Tonight will be my last night at Brickskeller.  Last night was the last time I would see BJ in Bethesda. Last night was also my last happy hour at Rock Bottom. Lots of lasts. My desk at work is still a pigsty. But I did pack up my ENTIRE room. 12 boxes. 500lbs. I have no freaking clue where all of that came from. I’m a little worried about where it is going to go. Tons of paperwork to go through that I keep putting off. Now its all packed away in the boxes. I’m still debating if I should pray for it to get lost! Time to say my goodbyes in a couple of hours. But I really don’t want to do that. I know I should say “see you again” but I hate making promises I may not be able to keep.  The feelings of loss and being lost are coming back again and they are flooding my entire body paralyzing me from doing what I know I should do.

I’m going to NYC tomorrow (my last trip!) to see my Russian Princess. Oh. I’ve missed her so! If only the bus ride isn’t so uncomfortable!


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