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boxes are packed

I think I’m almost done packing. Yes, my room still looks like a pigsty. But I’ve got 11 hastily packed boxes marked “Destination: Chicago” in the hallway.  Let’s hope I haven’t over-estimated the amount of space available in my trusty green samsonite suitcase that has been lugged back and forth Singapore and the US over the past 10 years because whatever is left in my room has to fit in there and thrown onto the conveyor belt when I check in next Wednesday (thank you Southwest!).  Out of desperation, I even packed my body pillow (also known as a bolster in Singapore) into one of the brown boxes and will have to do without my version of the american blankie for a week. Did I mention I forgot to label what is in each box? Unpacking will be a ton of fun.  I promise.  I hope I find it before I start my sub-i on the Peds ICU. I also hope I have enough clothes not in boxes to last me the month of August because beyond finding that bolster, nothing else will be unpacked.  I’m also going to NYC this weekend to visit the Russian Princess one last time before I head to the Mid-West. It will be a while before I get to see her again.  She had such a terrible time flying to Chi-town two years ago, she swore she would never do it again. And I still have all this work to do. Its little wonder I had a silght panic attack this morning (aka screaming AHHHHHHHHHH at 7am). hmph.



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