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Getting fired is like getting dumped…

I was reading this article in the NY Times titled “Dear Valued Worker, you’re Fired” and reading it makes me think that getting fired or firing someone is very similar to getting dumped or dumping someone.  In both instances, there really isn’t a good way to do it or a good time.  One of the managers of a consulting company said:” I don’t think anyone is actually good at it:.  All the little quotes they had sounds like my psychiatrist giving me relationship advice! Seriously!  Because if you think about it, a relationship is being severed.  It doesn’t matter how much hard work (or not!)either party has put into this relationship, it has ended or is coming to an end. That said, there are always better (or worse) ways to get dumped, but there is never a good way.

“The goal is to do it in a way that you don’t feel awful about yourself, you treated someone with respect

There are some very wrong ways to fire people.

You can rip off the bandage quickly or slowly. But the bottom line is that whether delivered by e-mail message or scented note, by brash bureaucrat or sensitive superior, and whether it is called a layoff or a dismissal or a parting of the ways, you are still being fired.

Substitute the word ‘fire’ with ‘dump’ and there you go!


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