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a VERY belated 4th of July post

So erm, I finally uploaded my photos to my picasso account. Its a pity that I don’t have a better camera. Although, to be fair to my poor camera, it was a bargain, its small and fits into my tiny bags and its suitable for a lay-person like me who never took photography classes and sucks at Photography.  Anyway.  The fireworks.  Brilliant. Except for this stupid cloud that pretty much was in almost every photo I took. Tried to upload my videos. But I don’t think youtube wants more videos of fireworks going off. I like this one best because it made me feel like we were in a far far away galaxy…And since we were at the Lincoln Memorial, I couldn’t resist taking a picture of good old honest Abe.  This is not my best work (even by my super duper low standards) but he looks pretty imposing, yes? Never quite realised how big he was



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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