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pain :(

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Remember the experiment I had signed up for? The one that would have given me enough mulah to pay my rent (well, most of it anyway)? Well, in addition to self-injections (which SUCK! To people who have to do it everyday. Wow.), I also have very very bad pain. You see, the whole point of these gCSF injections is that it stimulates your bone marrow. Makes them crank out those stem cells. But OMG. It HURTS. Like really bad. Right now, the pain has travelled all the way up to my upper back, which in return is making my chest hurt as well. I’m not having any difficulty breathing or anything, but its very uncomfortable. And it aches. Not a sharp pain, but a dull, chronic, all over the body kind of ache. When I couldn’t sleep at all last night, I kept thinking how nice it would be to have some kind of massaging device or something hot for my aching muscles.  Too bad we don’t have one of these ‘hotbeds’ handy!

  It didn’t help that I got up super-duper early and the bus I have to take to work didn’t show up and my good intentions of being in here by 6am was ruined. sigh. I need more coffee.



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