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I AM that girl

Apparently, I am that girl who will set her ex-bf up with someone she knows. Not someone she knows intimately (gawd, I don’t think I’m at that stage … yet), but someone she actually knows and talks to. Make that, I think I was bullied into it. He kept badgering me, saying I was being silly for not giving him her email. I tried to come up with appropriate excuses like I’m not going to give it to you because I don’t know if she likes you, etc. In the end, I got fed up with our stupid IM conversation and gave it to him after talking to her. And so now, I am the idiot who introduced her ex-bf, an ex-bf that she unfortunately still has feelings for, to a new girl. Heck. Some will call it an act of generousity. And perhaps in a few months (or years) I can perhaps think of it that way to make myself feel better. But right now, I’m pissed. I’m pissed because I felt like I was being coerced bullied into it and I feel like an idiot for allowing myself to be manipulated that way.  That said, I’m trying not to be that girl who thinks her ex-bf is a jerk because when I was with him, I certainly never thought that he was a jerk. But the truth of it is, I’m sick of making excuses for this uptight, stick-in-the-arse, badge-touting (even though he isn’t a real agent) jerk. I’m done. From now on, he’s being relegated to the ‘friends’ category, but not the kind that I would go the extra mile for. That’s it.



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