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some random thoughts of the day

I think I’m screwing up my finances by having a very complicated financial plan. I may need to be shot. sigh. I’m also a very big big idiot. I need to stop drinking coffee. I have too many credit card bills. I need to stop munching on chocolates every day. Chocolate cookies count.  I need to stop trawling Ebay. I need to stop doing laundry. Apparently when I’m desperate (aka nothing to wear) everyone compliments me on how nice I look when I do show up wearing whatever is clean and sitting in the closet gathering dust. I just signed up for Zipcars. Did I mention I’m afraid to drive? I signed up for a full accident waiver as well. Just in case. I need to load my 4th of July pictures. And videos. (but just in case I never do…here’s someone else’s)


My big project for tonight (after dinner, obviously, and after welcoming the new scholars) would be to clean out all my various bags and to organize my jewelry.

I don’t like the new scholars. Granted, I haven’t met them. But already I’m not liking them. I think its because I feel like I’m being pushed out. *sad face*



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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