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ok. so erm, happy belated 4th of July. I actually went out to the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial to see the fireworks. Finally. Independence Day in the national Capital. I don’t think I ever did that when I was in Singapore. Crowds. *shrug* Took a ton of pictures. Even video (seriously, with a point and shoot camera, the dark…it just doesn’t work).  Will post later.

Almost had to move on Mon. Only to find out that not only did I not have to move (yay!) my appointment is being terminated earlier than I thought since they can’t pay me for more than a year. So essentially, I’m working for free (boo) but I also get to stay here for free (yay!) but its a small yay! since I’m already paying rent in Chicago.  Good thing I’m doing the g-CSF study which should be enough to cover the month’s rent.

In other news, I need to stop browsing through ebay. And start with Etsy. Much nicer stuff. Less ‘deals’ but at least I know what I’m paying for. Actually, I should stop buying stuff. Period. Should probably cut down on coffee at Starbucks too. $10 a day on coffee. That’s pretty much dinner money. And they wonder why I started only eating one meal a day. hmph.



I've been swinging from place to place looking for new adventures every day.

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