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vespa talk

vintage vespa girlEven wayyy back in the early 60s, they knew sex sells.  How else would you explain this ad for the vespa.  Of course, they figured if it worked for the males, it would work for women too. Remember Jude Law in Alfie? yummy.  jude law on a vespaHe made owning a Vespa sexy again. So now I want one. Yes, I realise the point is to find a man (a sexy one) with a vespa. But I want one. Who the heck wants to wait for a man to waltz into my life and ferry me from point a to b while I sit in the back clutching on for dear life?  I can drive myself thank you very much.  I have my own money (ok, fine. So I don’t have money. Its my parents. But hopefully at some point, I will have a job and I will make my own money and I can afford bike lessons and I can get my own vespa).  In the meantime, I can just lust after them (Jude Law AND the Vespa. heh). 

I’m also hankering after an old fashioned cash register. No. I’m not opening shop (although I probably have enough clothes to open my own vintage shop). But it would be a cool decorating piece to hold my change as I empty my pockets during each laundry haul.

I also want a vintage typewriter. With intact ribbons. Aka, something that is functional. It would make letter writing that much more fun 🙂

And I want a library full of old Nancy Drew and Enid Blyton storybooks. The original versions with the illustrations designed from the 60s that my mom used to get from the secondhand bookstore in Bedok North and Marine parade, not the ugly abstract art ones found these days in BN or Borders. 

And is it weird that all my  memories of my childhood have this weird yellowy haze that actually quite resembles the yellow-ish tint on the photos of my childhood, which was explained to me as being part of the aging process of photos due to the acid or something like that.  I tried to take one of those photos to have it ‘restored’ to its natural colors and I absolutely hated the result because it just became so … fake to me that I refused to accept the finished product.

Of course, I also talk to myself on a regular basis and have a whole other life that exists solely in my imagination. And in case you are wondering, while I do fit the criteria in many DSM IV disorders, I don’t meet enough criteria for any one disorder and hence, by DSM, do not have a mental disorder. So there :-p



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