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ebay is eeevvvil

argh. Ebay is evil. Either that or I simply need more discipline.  Between checking on my bids the minute I get up (and then proceeding to spend about an hour looking at other items not previously seen) and then being late for work because I was spending so much time looking at dresses. ARgh. And I have a horrible competitive streak. If someone tries to set up a bidding war, I almost end up paying more for the dress than I originally intended!  And who the heck are those people with ** in the middle of their usernames? Are they decoys set up by the buyers to artifically set up a bidding war??  I hope not but sometimes in my competitive-driven mind fueled by “i-must-have-this-dress” mentality, my bank account (or credit card) pays the price 😦



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One thought on “ebay is eeevvvil

  1. It’s called a buyer’s frenzy…. Of course us sellers love it when we get a bidding war. LOL I also was confused when I saw those ** in the middle of the user names. I believe that is a newer feature to provide more privacy to the buyers. Good luck on trying to get to work on time.


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