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checking out the scene

Finally back in Chi-town as mentioned before. Went for the DAC rehearsal, finally managed to get a hold of my new landlord on the phone, figured out when I’m moving in on Sun before heading out to check out the infamous Brown Elephant resale shop.  Fantastic place.  Lots of really cute stuff. Actually found a dresser that I would really love to get. Reasonable price too! Unfortunately, once I factor in moving costs, it would have been out of my price range 😦  But I did find this really cute bag!  And obviously I got it since almost every shoe I wanted to get there was either too small (seriously! who wears a 6.5 these days???) or a 10 (when did a 8 or 8.5 become the odd shoe size??). 

One thing I did notice was that Chi-town has changed quite a bit. Actually, Hyde Park has changed quite a bit too. Many new buildings and loads and loads of construction.  The trump tower looks as if its almost done.  We even have a Loehmann’s now too!  sigh. I feel like a stranger all over again!



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