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Adventures on a hot day

After going to RocketBar last night where there was a strong possibility that I was hit on by a math graduate student (of whose sexual orientation I’m still trying to decipher), I got my driver’s license today. YEP yep yep. Finally. A driver’s license. In case you are wondering, I’ve had my MD-issued Provisional License for the past 4 years. I just never really bothered to get it upgraded to a full license when I was in IL because I wasn’t sure about the driving laws there. I figured once I get a ‘real’ license from MD, converting to a license from other states would be a lot easier….

Anyhow, after that I hung out in Bethesda for an hour or two, came back and headed back out to Dupont Circle for their annual Dupont Circle Museum Walk. Now, most museums in DC are free (amazing right??) but there are certain privately managed museums that require an admissions charge. The Philips art museum is one of them. But with this museum walk, I got to go in for free to see Renoir’s luncheon of the boating party, Jacob Lawrence’s migration series (brilliant series of work by the way) at the Philips collection, I saw the White House China at the Woodrow Wilson House (the only president to be buried within DC and to have a presidential house in DC!!! actually, the only president to make DC his home after his presidency), the textile museum where they were doing a special exhibit on blue textiles that made me want to call my mom and have her send me my blue pinafore that all CHIJ girls had to wear from primary and secondary school to donate to the museum and where I got to weave my own bracelet, the Cinncinnati Society museum (sort of modeled after the Free Masons) housed in a mansion formerly occupied by Larz Anderson (a man who used to be an ambassador to Japan from the US) which was brilliantly designed and houses many beautiful antiques within its beautiful gold-gilded walls.

All in all, it was a briliantly exhausting day filled with many beautiful images.

I want to paint the walls of my apartment the exact same way!

This painting reminds me of one of those early 60s films where they tried to mix motion picture with still art…

and that is President Wilson’s Rolls Royce which was presented as a birthday present to him from his Princeton friends! dang, my friends normally buy me a drink or dinner for MY birthday!

Imagine! A garden as beautiful as that in the middle of the city. wow.

More proof of his popularity as president…and look at all the gifts he got!! LACE!

Isn’t that pattern simply marvelous? And these are the china he used during his Presidency.

The Cinncinnati Society house was my last stop…IMagine having a Salon that with such beautiful details! Even the chair is a work of art!!!

Or receiving guests in this grand living room!

Or dinner here!



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