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Eastern Market outing

You can’t leave DC without making a quick trip to the infamous Eastern Market.  So I made a trip to Capital Hill to visit it.  Luckily it didn’t rain, unfortunately, it was also VERY VERY HOT!  But it was fun 🙂  I found this pair of really cute gloves!  They are pretty, aren’t they? I just wish my fingers weren’t so fat 😦 A lady named Marsha Brooks finds vintage gloves and then tie-dyes them herself! So each and every glove is unique!

There was also a really cool bookstore around the corner.  I bought a book about Elizabeth Blackwell, the first female to ever go to medical school.

In addition to these really cool gloves, there were also a bunch of really cool art-sy stuff and china. Lots of hand painted dishwasher safe plates.   And watering cans that I almost bought so I could use them as pots for plants. Then I remembered that I don’t have a green thumb and almost everything I try to grow dies a very sad slow death 😦   But I can always pretend, right? haha.

   These are the coolest purses I have ever seen.  I almost bought them but decided they weren’t the most practical.  But don’t you think the colors are cool??!!

And then we saw ducks.  OMG. They were the cutest ducks EVER!  Do they have attitude or what??!!

I also saw this hat that I was really tempted to get but I couldn’t justify the price!  I know, I know. Its a flea market and I should be able to bargain, but I’ve always been a bargain hunter, bargaining is NOT my forte! But its just such a 50s look!  I watched Some Like It Hot last night with my lab and these hats were sooo in!

I also saw this old antique steamer trunk.  I really wanted it, and having to haul it on the metro myself all the way back to Bethesda..I couldn’t justify paying $75 for it.  And it really needed a lot of cleaning as well.  It would have been the perfect set of drawers in my new apartment!  Talk about adding attitude into a room!  But now that I’m home, I’m silently kicking myself for not getting it. I really want it 😦 I wonder if there is some way I can find it or get it. I mean, its charming. And it definitely needs a lot of cleaning up. But its also more than I’m willing to spend right now on furnishing an apartment/room that I’ll only be staying in for 10 mths!

Anyway, I’m too tired to actually write much anymore. So I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking!



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