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Ebay ups and downs

I’m back on my ebay kick. Last night I bid for and ‘won’ this dress (aka I bought it!).  Its really cute. Very flowery. Although, if the version of my sister from 1999 is still lurking in her somewhere, she’ll probably roll her eyes and say “when did you turn 60??” heh. But I think its pretty. Unfortunately, I did not read the description of the item properly and I think the dress will be too big for me 😦 Hopefully my tailor can do something about it. I’m not sure what. Or maybe I can belt it. I dunno. But I just like the pattern. I have a sinking feeling that the waist isn’t cinched at all but I have this great butterfly belt I begged off my mom. Anyways, we’ll see! *fingers crossed* And by the way, buying from Ebay, in my opinion, is like (or can be like) buying from a thrift store/consignment store so I didn’t break my clothing challange!



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