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tracking monthly expenses

I tried to manually keep track of the ins-and-outs of money. Something I have not done, ever, I think, in my life.  I wanted to learn to be an adult.  Unfortunately, it has been an extremely humbling experience. For one thing, I realised that I’m not one to keep track of every single cent that comes through my wallet/purse/pocket/credit card.  And even though at the back of my mind I know I should be keeping track of what I buy, I still buy random stuff.  And no, I wasn’t ultra-religious about keeping track of where the $ went either.

I’m going to give it another go next month as part of KrystalAtWork’s June Dinning out challange.  I think, at this point, its not so much about keeping to a budget, but learning to be conscious about what my spending habits are and then learning to be disciplined about it. After all, at some point, I’m going to have to grow up and stop being mummy and daddy’s little girl.



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