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selling my body for $

Ok. So I’m talking on the phone, like right now, with someone who is doing a C-GSF protocol where they basically give me an injection everyday for a week with C-GSF to stimulate my bone marrow to produce more WBC then they will make me undergo an apheresis.  The apheresis part sounds a little painful. But the monetary rewards would come in useful. And I will be contributing to Science.  If I can’t contribute ideas or brainpower, at least I’m contributing with raw materials.  Yeah. I guess I’ll do it. Let’s hope my veins hold up.



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2 thoughts on “selling my body for $

  1. Good call. All in the name of science, after all. How much $?

    Also, is your blog theme set to random or something, or are you just having some fun with us readers?


  2. i’m just bored. research not working 😦 and i wanted some nice spring theme but can’t decide on a good one. the problem with a free blog is that you are pretty limited in your selection. but then again, i won’t know how to modify it if i could anyway!


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