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Good Shop and Smart Cars

ok. So if you look at my link/blogroll, you’ll notice a new link to a site called Good Shop. It essentially works the same way as ebates except that instead of YOU getting a rebate, your rebate goes to a charity of your choice. Again, if you want to sign up for ebates, use my email (londo-virATrocketmailDOTcom) as a referal please! But if you are feeling that guilty pinch about spending so much money on shopping but not donating any cash or time, try out Good Shop.

So in this past month, I’ve been seeing the Smart Cars around the Bethesda/DC Metro area. I have to admit, I’m rather in love with the cars. They are so cute. And tiny. Perfect for tiny parking spaces. I’m so tempted to get one! And I’ve been told the gas mileage is incredible too. The perfect commuter car! I still think public transportation is the way to go but if you live in one of those areas without much access to public transportation, don’t you think this is simply marvelous? Seriously. I mean, I live alone. I only need a car for commuting purposes. This seems like the perfect solution.  Especially if I continue to live in a city. The only thing is that with a car this small, I’m afraid it might not be able to withstand the brutal mid-west winters. They do have a dealership in Indianapolis (but not in Chicago) so maybe when I return to Chicago, I might make a small trip to Indianapolis. Afterall, I’ve never been there. It would be a good excuse 🙂



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One thought on “Good Shop and Smart Cars

  1. Re: Smarts: I think you are a fricking genius, and I share your love for them. I hear they are absolutely terrible cars, but I can’t get their economy and novelty out of my head. I have to have one!

    Plus, there’s a Smart-only parking spot available in my new building, so it’s pretty much fate that I’m getting one eventually.


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