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deja new?

ahem. I went to the Deja-new store on Old Georgetown road and well, even though I didn’t really intend to buy anything, I walked out with two pairs of shoes (one of which is a ferragamo!! needs to be re-soled…but still!) and a gold silk blouse…all for $14. I forgot how much fun thrift store shopping can be, even when shopping alone. I bet its even more fun when you have friends around you…

Right now, I’m debating whether or not I should make a trip after work to the Goodwill in Rockville.  I still don’t really have a good sense of where it is and without a car, it can be a little tricky to get around. If I knew for sure that it was near a Metro, I would go in an instant.

So yes, Deja-New can be a little spotty when it comes to clothes, but they have a great collection of vintage-looking furniture stuff and if I was staying here for a second year of research, I probably will stock my entire apartment with finds from them! If only I can find a store like that in Chicago!!! It was a lot of fun.



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